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Nicky Johnson, DVM
Nicky Johnson, DVM


Dr. Nicky Johnson graduated from the University of Miami in 2015 and furthered her education at the University of Pennsylvania. Her lifelong passion for animals has guided her career as a veterinarian.

Believing in the deep and immediate connection between humans and animals, Dr. Johnson finds great reward in providing care to animals and returning the affection they offer. Her approach emphasizes not only medical treatment but also helping families understand their pets' health and working collaboratively to develop treatment plans that align with their values.

Beyond her professional life, Dr. Johnson enjoys cooking with her husband, exploring parks, and tending to her garden. She shares her home with an older dog named Great Jon, who lives up to his wonderful name.

Dr. Johnson holds certifications from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Emergency Response, the Introduction to Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Certification (IAAHPC), and is an active member of the Marine Animal Rescue Society's Stranding Network. She is also an experienced SCUBA diver, with almost 15 years of underwater exploration under her belt, and looks forward to scheduling more dives in the future. Her commitment to animals and their well-being remains a driving force in her life.