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What is TPLO Surgery?

The TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) is the most common procedure for dogs with a cruciate tear and requires a specialty surgeon to perform this surgery. A CCL (cranial cruciate rupture) injury in dogs leads to stifle (knee) instability and pain – it is comparable to a human ACL tear. The level of immobility depends on the severity of the rupture. TPLO surgery helps to stabilize the stifle and reduce the likelihood of further osteoarthritis progression.

The diagnosis relies on an examination, X-rays, and joint manipulation. If your dog has torn their cranial cruciate, you may need to consider TPLO surgery for your dog. This orthopedic procedure is a practical, long-lasting solution to this type of injury. Speak with one of our board-certified surgeons today to learn more.

Why choose SFAMC?

SFAMC is a full-service specialty and emergency animal hospital. We offer a state-of-the-art facility, fully-equipped surgical suites, and expert staff. We are dedicated to ensuring each patient receives customized and advanced surgical care. Our board-certified veterinary surgeons are trained extensively in all aspects of small animal surgery.

A TPLO surgery at SFAMC includes:

  • The initial surgical consultation and postoperative progress exams with a board-certified small animal surgeon
  • Preoperative blood work
  • Digital x-rays of the knee before and after surgery
  • A customized anesthesia protocol with advanced monitoring
  • Administration of a long-acting local anesthetic at the surgery site
  • Superior locking plate and screw implants
  • Overnight hospitalization, pain management and monitoring by a veterinarian and a team of skilled technicians

Estimated TPLO cost: $6,800-8,000

Our board-certified surgeons