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Parasite Prevention

Parasites are a year-round threat to your pet's health. Luckily, with modern diagnostic testing and antiparasitic medications, we can both diagnose and prevent these problems in pets. Our veterinary team will make tailored testing and prevention recommendations based on your pet's age and lifestyle to ensure your pet remains in optimal health.

Flea & Tick Prevention
Preventing fleas and ticks in your pet has never been easier. Several options exist to include medicated tablets that are as yummy as treats. Products are very safe and extremely effective at preventing fleas and ticks year-round, ensuring your pet remains free of flea and tick-borne illnesses.

Internal Parasite Prevention
Routine fecal (poop) testing is an easy way to check your pet for intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, giardia, and more that they can pick up from various environments both within and outside the city.

Since these diseases have the potential to be spread to both other animals and people, early detection, treatment, and prevention is key to good pet and public health. Several preventive options are available, and our veterinary team will work with you to select one that is best for your pet.