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Urgent Care

San Francisco Animal Medical Center is pleased to offer clients and their pets same-day urgent care appointments for minor health concerns. Our same-day urgent care service is super convenient for pet owners and allows us to mitigate emergency room wait times.
Urgent Care is NOW available 7 days a week.

Some examples of an urgent veterinary care appointment

  • Fever
  • Mild Dehydration
  • Ingestion of certain toxins
  • Ingestion of a foreign body (non food item, toy, etc)
  • Not eating or drinking
  • Minor wound or laceration
  • Mild lameness or limping
  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Eye discharge and squinting
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Abscess
  • Back pain
  • Ear infection
  • Skin allergy
  • Reaction to vaccine
  • Anal gland problem
  • Urinary tract issue

When should my pet seek urgent care vs. emergency care

Urgent Care is the middle ground between your primary care provider and the Emergency Department. If your pet has a non-life-threatening minor illness or injury, SFAMC's same-day urgent care may be the best option. If the condition of your pet is life-threatening, go to the SFAMC emergency department, which is open 24 hours monday-sunday. Learn more about our emergency service.